These are the crazy and ridiculous stories of being young, in love, traveling around the world and kicking cancer’s a$$.

We are the Taylor Family – Joe, Mel and the Taylor Tots.  We live in Belgium and love living abroad, we homeschool, we have fun and we give God all the glory.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Melanie,
    I start my day by reading about yours!! What wonderful experiences you guys are having.
    keep those updates coming.

  2. Mel and Joe,

    We miss you so much but enjoy reading your blog. You’ve made me laugh so hard today (just what I needed as I try to get back to my normal post-wedding life) that I almost peed my pants! Thanks for the smiles and for the updates. We miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!


  3. what an exciting time you guys are having. So interesting, sometimes I wish that Pedro and I would of done some living in other countries, we would of loved it. But we lived in Miami and had babies insted. Miss you guys terribly!!
    Beth & Family

  4. What memories! My husband and I visited my brother when he was at Osan and he lived in Songtan also. It was wonderful seeing your pictures. My brother retired and is still living in Songtan and works at Osan for Raytheon.. Loved the comments abput the car horns, soooo true! hard to believe Korea is the land of the morning calm huh? Do they still have the holes in the floors in some places for use as a restroom? We called it doing the kimchi squat, hahahahaha
    Hang in there, we enjoyed the DLI Building and Seoul Tower for a nice walk

  5. Hi Mel
    it’s been ages! i ‘bumped’ into your website a wee while ago while searching thru millions of websites on ESL. at first i wasn’t sure if it was u, but there u go..it’s u!!!
    seems like you’re doing great and really enjoy South Korea.
    i live in Scotland now, so maybe you and Joe could come and visit me here once you move to Spain? it’s probably only 2-3h flight away 😉
    would be awesome to catch up after all these years.
    drop me an email if u have some time (gosiamika@msn.com)

  6. Hi Mel!
    Irene was telling me about your latest update and I am thrilled for you, Joe and baby Dot : ) !!!
    It was the first time I looked at this website and I must say that Spain looks beautiful – as do you & Joe!
    Lots of love, Meryl

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