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Penn State – Welcome Back!

Last week the students came flooding back to State College.  Within 48 hours our town doubles in size, swelling with cars and pedestrians its streets are not designed for.  Plastic rolling storage carts, cheap beige rugs, cork boards and junk food are purchased.  Bright eyed frat boy wannabes whiz through Wal-Mart with their big-haired mamas… Continue reading Penn State – Welcome Back!

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Back home in the US of A!

Joe’s been in Germany for a class for the past 3 weeks and while he was away I decided to trek across the Atlantic for some quality time with my friends and family.  I haven’t been back to my hometown of State College, PA for almost 2 years (go PSU) so I was very excited… Continue reading Back home in the US of A!

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Summer, summer, summertime!

Not much happening around these parts lately other than weekends packed with BBQs.  The temperatures have been well over 100 degrees so the only thing people want to do is jump in the pool and sit in the shade.  Two weeks ago we co-hosted a shrimp boil with some friends. Our friends Joey and Rena… Continue reading Summer, summer, summertime!