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Blueberry Waffles

I can’t say I didn’t help him.  I can’t say I didn’t ask, in advance, for blueberry waffles.  I actually set out the ingredients and filled the coffee pot the night before.  What can I say, I’m a control freak.  And my husband, as amazing as he is, doesn’t know his way around a kitchen… Continue reading Blueberry Waffles

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Summer Begins

Summer begins early here in Southern Spain.  Long days with orange sunsets lingering closer to midnight every week. Long days full of sand, friends and long lunches under oversize umbrellas perched atop the lolling seashore. Vista Hermosa is a stone’s throw from the Navy base where we do our grocery shopping and Dr. appts.  How… Continue reading Summer Begins

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Eggs and Dye

Easter in our house means more than chocolate Easter Bunnies, dyed eggs and cheap wicker baskets.  It means great things to us about God and resurrection and love and hope.  But there are certain childish frivolities that still mean a lot, no matter where the meaning stems from. There’s something to be said about a… Continue reading Eggs and Dye

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It Wasn’t Just Breakfast

Some days there was a line but we didn’t care.  She would have a half-order of pecan pancakes and I would have silver dollar pancakes or a mushroom and cheddar omelet.  The home fries were always the same – perfect – deliciously crispy and smothered in greasy oil and minced onions. We would sit for… Continue reading It Wasn’t Just Breakfast