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Yellow Dust

Also known as “Asian Dust”, “Yellow Sand” and “Korean Smog”, this phenomenon makes living in Korea very hard sometimes.  Wikipedia has the most understandable definition of Asian Dust that I have found thus far.  We have a Yellow Sand Advisory meter on the Osan Air Base website.  There isn’t a whole lot of info on… Continue reading Yellow Dust

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Swaps Swaps Swaps & My 1st Workshop

Wow, I just realized I am THE worst title comer-upper-with person EVER!  Oh well, there are more important things to think about right – like what’s in the post! Speaking of what’s in the post…  Could any of these packages be for you?  Hmmm, I guess you’ll have to wait and see.  I have been… Continue reading Swaps Swaps Swaps & My 1st Workshop

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CMOD – Cars in Korea

One evening after coffee, Steph, Ally and I walked down to Ally’s car at the end of the alley to find that Ally had a ticket on her car. 60,000 Won, roughly $60 USD is what the ticket will cost Ally, as well as a headache and aggravation. Tickets in Korea are sporadic, more often… Continue reading CMOD – Cars in Korea

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Random Post and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – well big for me…

Ok, so this week I have been seriously trying to make a change in my blogging habit.  Thanks so much to all who commented with helpful hints.  I have moved the computer to the couch rather than the dining room table, making it harder to sit for a long period of time and stare at… Continue reading Random Post and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – well big for me…