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Yellow Dust

Also known as “Asian Dust”, “Yellow Sand” and “Korean Smog”, this phenomenon makes living in Korea very hard sometimes.  Wikipedia has the most understandable definition of Asian Dust that I have found thus far.  We have a Yellow Sand Advisory meter on the Osan Air Base website.  There isn’t a whole lot of info on… Continue reading Yellow Dust

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Long time no post…

It’s been a while since my last post and I have a lot to report. I finally quit my job!   He chocked it up to cultural differences, whatever the case I don’t have to work anymore.  Now I have to stop spending money to make up for the lack of a second income. Next order… Continue reading Long time no post…

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Samil in Seoul – Image Heavy

Last Thursday was Samil, Korean Independence Day.  Ally, her friend Judy and I went to Seoul to bop around Insdaong.  We had a very fun yet tiring day in Insadong.  Here are some pics. There was some kind of presentation outside a park near Insadong.  These people were doing a Tai-Chi-like routine to traditional Korean… Continue reading Samil in Seoul – Image Heavy