3rd Day in Korea

9:00 AM An appointment with Mr. “O” at the housing office confirmed that all we need to do before moving into Dong Bue apartments was to get our new apt. inspected. Hopefully it’s that easy tomorrow when we do the actual inspection. After my appointment with Mr. “O” I walked over to the base library and checked out

I can’t wait to learn how to make all these yummy dishes!

1:00 PM Joe and I strolled around our new neighborhood and had some lunch at an authentic Korean restaurant. So authentic, in fact, that we even had to whip out the Korean phrasebook just to order our lunch. Just as we thought, you walk a few blocks and nobody knows English, the idea of immersing yourself in a new culture is very exciting.

2:00 PM John, my new boss, wanted to meet me and Joe at my new school so we headed to my school.  Everyone was very nice and the kids are cute. I am excited to start work on Feb. 1st.

This is a picture of the bridge we have to cross to get from our new apt. to Osan’s main gate. It’s a nice 20 minute walk, a bit hilly but there’s a lot to look at along the way.

And as I promised yesterday here is a shot of a Korean store that has a weird English translation. This is an eyeglass store called Gentle Organizer. I have no idea what is gentle or organized about an eyeglass store but whatever.


5 thoughts on “3rd Day in Korea

  1. WOW, everything you write about is so interesting!!! What an experience for you and Joe. Your picture and caption of the “Gentle Organizer” store is sooo funny. We love you!!! Mom, Dad and Alex

  2. Yeah! Korea sounds fun. I want to see pictures of your apartment. If you want me to send you a recording of me singing karaoke i can do that for you. Miss you guys!

  3. Love the blog. I tune in everyday to see what’s new. My brother & sis in law had a washer & dryer in Japan. They had a party & everyone gathered around the machines asking why there were 2….how funny?

  4. The store fronts are hysterical!! Your apartment looks great and we’re glad the cats have adapted well. We knew you would!! Love you both very much and miss you, too. Mom, Dad and Alex

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