Yapping Away

More fab blogs…

Okay, some more plugs for my favorite blogs… My wonderfully talented cousin Carissa makes beautiful felted jewelry and has also jumped into the blog world with her new blog Wound Up Tight. Her work is beautiful and I’m not just saying that because she’s related to me or because her daughters were my flowergirls, she is, in short, an artist! You can see her jewelry on her website J. Claire Designs.

Angry Chicken has the cutest baby booties (her post was from a year ago but who cares, they are still super cute). I would love to make some of these. Her beautiful mini quilts are small pieces of artwork and can be found in her online shop, KingPod, check her out.

When I found Applehead‘s little felt box tutorial online I thought I had hit the jackpot. I went to the thrift store immediately for some sweaters to felt andwhipped out about a dozen of these. I gave them to co-workers who thought they were the wackiest things ever. “Boxes, out of sweaters? Where do you find this stuff?” they said. They always knew I was a little zany but they love and use those felted boxes everyday.

Last, but certainly not least, is Artsy Crafty Babe, who just today has put up a post about donating to charity for her de-lurking comments. Talented and philanthropic, that’s my kind of gal. A while back she had made some bibs that I fell in love with. As soon as my sewing machine arrives from the States (supposedly tomorrow, cross your fingers) I am going to get to work on some of these for a friend of mine who just had a baby boy about a month ago.


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