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10 Man March…

Well it’s been a busy couple of days around here so a slow Sunday night is very welcome.

School on Thursday went well, the kids loved the fruit. I brought a few pieces to shake things up a bit. The orange puppets were a big hit.

I taught two 20-minute classes of 34 seven-year olds. I kept them busy with the alphabet song, which they sing differently over here. Then we learned a bunch of fruit words. I was so impressed when I pulled the banana out of my Mary Poppins teacher bag’o’tricks and they all screamed “BANANA.” Then Sujong informed me that they are called bananas in Hangul (Korean) too so I had to start at the beginning with the rest of the fruit. We did some flashcard type practice and then played a relay game, boys against girls. They did a great job although ‘watermelon’ really tripped them up a few times. Next week we are learning animals.

Thursday night I took the bus over to Camp Humphreys where Joe has to stay on Sun., Tues, and Thurs. nights so he can get to work in time the next morning. This not having a car thing is a pain in the patootie but we will have one soon so no big deal. Upon recommendation from Joe’s co-workers we went down to the Ville (the downtown area outside Camp Humphrey’s main gate) and had some dinner at a place called Yummy. Not Yummy Yummy, like your place Marie, but we took a pic nonetheless.

As you can tell from the picture their specialty is spaghetti and teriyaki, not together, thankfully. Joe had teriyaki beef and chicken and I opted for the sweet and sour shrimp because the jars of generic pasta sauce sitting on the top of the water cooler were not calling my name. The food was delicious and at $24 for the whole dinner, it was a steal. One more funny thing about Yummy was their take-out menu. See for yourself…

Friday night was our official “Welcome” by Joe’s unit. After pizza at the Captain’s house we headed downtown to the Ville to a bar called IDK (I Don’t Know) with all of Joe’s co-workers. Every “new guy” in Joe’s unit has to do the “10 Man March.” It’s even on the menu.

This is the “10 Man March” – you do 10 shots of Soju (the Korean national liquor) in 30 seconds or less. Joe did his in 31 seconds, no small feat, although he was wearing quite a bit of Soju by the time he finished. I was a baby and only did a “5 Man March,” Josh, Joe’s co-worker helped me out with the other 5 shots. As you can imagine, Saturday was not a productive day for us.

We came back from Humphreys last night and did some housework today, unpacking some more boxes and making Chicken Bulgogi for dinner. After dinner Joe had to head back to Humphreys because he works mid shifts this week so he will be working 4 – midnight everyday. I’ll be busy with school stuff, I officially start tomorrow, and the loads of time-consuming laundry piled up.


2 thoughts on “10 Man March…

  1. I love the puppets.. nice work of art *wink*
    oh, btw we recieved the blankets and the girls are loving it 😀 Thank you so much guys!
    We also had our fist snow and it was awesome.

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