Kindergarten Monkeys

These are some of my kindergarten monkeys…

This is Tom and Jerry, Tom is in front giving us the peace sign, which I’m not sure means peace in Korea and that’s Jerry in the background. This was as still as they would get for a photo today. At least I can keep their real names a secret since they are wee little ones, I’m sure you can tell their real names are not Tom and Jerry. Tom is off the wall, if he’s not rolling on the floor, he wants to stand directly behind me while I’m teaching and poke me in the butt. It’s very hard to reprimand in another language. Jerry is brilliant, he knows every English word I throw in his direction. Before his English class at my school he goes to a private Korean school where the uniforms are little bitty suits made out of Burberry-like plaid, cute and gaudy all at the same time.

Once again, Jerry in the background and one of my newer students, Joey, of Rachel and Joey from my earlier post. Yes, that is a sticker on Joey’s head. It’s meant to be on his sticker chart in his Phonics workbook but he forgot it today so we had to improvise. He wears that plaid vest over every one of his outfits, it’s his signature piece. Check out that hair, bet you didn’t know Koreans love their kids in mullets.

It’s been a super busy week, my co-worker Kate has been very sick so I have had very intense days. My day starts out with the kindergarten monkeys and each hour the students get progressively older until my final class at 7:30 PM which is comprised of adults from the age of 21 to mid-40s. I go from the Hokey Pokey to dissecting magazine articles in about 6 hours. So far, I am enjoying it, my co-workers are great and the kids are fun. By 8:30 PM, when I leave school I am dead tired but each day is something new. Arriving to class with a big bag of candy doesn’t hurt either, candy is one of the few words my students all know.


One thought on “Kindergarten Monkeys

  1. These kids are adorable, although I am sure you see their devilish sides most of the time. I had to laugh picturing that little guy behind you poking your butt while you’re trying to teach — smack that little dude’s hand!!! Miss and love you both, Mom & Dad

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