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Feeling better and a productive weekend – Pic Heavy!

My new favorite shoes – bought for 9,800 Won or $10 USD in Seoul last weekend, aren’t they the cutest?  They are so comfy too and I’ve never had yellow shoes – it must be spring!

A little note I wrote late last night to hide in hubby’s backpack before he left this morning.  Kelli, thanks for supplying the note and the inspiration.

I made some taggies tonight for gifts.  I saw this idea on someone’s blog and I’m sorry I can’t remember who you are but if you see this and say, “hey, she got that idea from me,” please leave me a comment and I will promptly reference you.  I just thought they were so cute.  One’s for our neighbor, Joe’s co-worker, who helps us with all things Korean.  They have a baby girl so I thought she might like one.  The other one I will hold onto until I need it as a gift.  I used a thrifted butterfly pillowcase on one side and some REALLY soft flannel on the other side.

A taggie and bib set for my friend Rachel’s son Gibson.  They live in Florida (where I used to live) and I miss them dearly.  I got to spend his first 3 weeks with little Gibby before moving to Korea and I wanted to send Rachel something to make her smile since her husband just got deployed for another stint (he got back only a year ago).  Thanks to Beki of Artsy Crafty Babe  and Sally of Shim and Sons for the idea to make a cute bib.  I used a plain old washcloth as the base, which I appliqued with a cowboy boot using some thrifted fabric, which I also used for the taggie.

Some of you may remember I made the Calorimetry head scarf from Knitty but it was way too big so I’m wearing it as a neck wrap/scarf.  I used a brooch to fasten it closed but I think I will sew a button on instead, the pin was a little awkward to take on and off.

I have finally cut out all the pieces for the Amy Butler Ultimate Arts & Crafts Tote.  Whew, I hope sewing it takes less time than cutting out over 30 pieces.


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