Alex is here!

So Alex came down to Songtan on Saturday evening with Arlene, his co-worker.  We went out to dinner and talked about Korea and teaching.  She seems to be a wealth of knowledge (she’s been here since ’05) and I think she’ll be able to help Alex out a lot at school.  I took them to Golden Gate because Alex was in the mood for some Jabchae, Arlene had curry with rice and I had fried rice.  After dinner Arlene headed back to Suwon and Al and I headed back to my apt.

Songtan at night!

Joe was able to come home from the field for a few days and he arrived home late Sat. night.  On Sunday we took Alex to lunch at Blue Opera, Joe’s favorite place and then walked around Songtan a bit.

An afternoon nap, and dinner at the Flying M Ranch on base and then Al headed back to Suwon for his first day of work today.  Hope it went well for him.  Since Joe is away for 2 more weeks, Alex and I are planning something touristy this weekend.  It’s nice to have someone else to do things with on the weekends when Joe’s gone.  Most of my friend’s husbands don’t work weekends so they are busy with other things on Saturday and Sunday but now I have a Korean partner-in-crime, thanks Bro!


3 thoughts on “Alex is here!

  1. Mel,

    It really makes me feel good to see you and Alex together in Korea. It also is great to see both of you smiling. I hope you can spend some quality time together and do some sibling bonding.


  2. Hello,

    This message is for Alex 😉 Good to see you’re alive and well in Korea. Much luck for a peaceful and happy 2008!


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