Sorry for the haitus folks, I have been super busy…  Where do I begin?  Hmmm…

Well Alex came down for dinner two weeks ago – we went out for Indian.  Ally came with us and we went to the same place I went with the Thurs. night girls – Chakraa downtown on the Shingjang dong.  After dinner we went to Beer Ozone for a drink and some bugs.

As you can tell we were very entertained by the bugs and Al had never seen anything like this before.

Ally with some bug antenna.

Joe and I made a bet, if I ate 5 bugs he would let me use $600 from his spring bonus on a new sewing machine and furniture.  I did it!  I’m calling Fear Factor next week, is that show still on?  I swallowed 4 whole, quite easily I might add, they were the size of a large vitamin and he told me I had to chew the last one.  These bugs are boiled before being served so the amount of liquid that squirts into your mouth when you bite down is easily doubled, let’s just say I almost spit out the drink I used to chase the bug with on Alex across the table.  But hey, I’d eat just about anything for a new sewing machine.  I know, I’m a dork!

The weather here has been beautiful, most days are in the 60s and sunny.  Joe has been trying to golf as much as possible and has ordered some new equipment to prepare for our trip to Hawaii in September.

This has been his favorite purchase so far, other than the clubs themselves.  A hard travel case that unclips and stacks into itself.

I’ve been sick again, for about a week now.  I think I got a cold and then the yellow sand and newly flowering trees and pollen have exacerbated it. The yellow sand or yellow dust here is apparently very bad here in the spring.  We are instructed to check this website and stay indoors if the level is anywhere above 300.  Even when the level is not near 300 you can see many Koreans outside with surgical masks on.

Other than being sick I have been staying very busy.  I’ve met a great group of girls here and we meet every Thurs. for dinner as well as other times throughout the week for various things.  Next week the Enlisted Spouses Club will meet and I may be nominated to their Executive Board in the position of Secretary.  As of now, nobody is running against me so the odds are in my favor.  🙂

Periodically, people send me questions asking me about Korean culture, things I may not have already written about.  Everyday I am reminded about how different Koreans and Americans are.  The differences intrigue me, I have an open mind and love learning about Korea’s unique and interesting characteristics.  I also love answering your questions.  So, with that being said, I would love to open this blog up for questions from you guys.  If there is anything about Korean culture or anything at all you want to know, shoot me an email or a comment.  It’ll be like our own little Dear Abby column, only without the insightful advice.  I’ll ty my best to consult my Korean friends and get you an answer.

I also promise to try to write more frequently, my hiatus was a combination of busyness, sickness and lack of anything interesting going on.  Hope you’re all doing well and talk to you soon!


4 thoughts on “Hiatus…

  1. So good to see your blog again — and what a great one it is!!! Bugs?????? No, thanks, not even for a sewing machine and furniture. I’d rather use a needle and thread. Love you, miss you, can’t wait to see you, Mom

  2. what a great blog you have! it’s really nice to see a non-korean enjoying and appreciating the korean culture. i’m korean myself and i have yet to try those bugs. they have a unique smell to it-dont you agree?? you can tell that theres going to be a vendor down the street just from smelling it!!

  3. You are such a trooper! I’m with your mom on that one.. I definitely rather use a needle and thread. But I guess that they have a TON of neat fabric over there, I can’t imagine. This weekend is our couple shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties.. we really wish you could be here!

  4. Dear Melanie,
    We have been keeping an eye on your blog. It’s amazing.
    When do you have the time to do all this? We especially love the pictures of you, Joe, Alex and all your buddies. We are so glad that you are having such a blast. I tell grandma all about it. She was so worried about Alex but he seems to be doing nicely. You all look great. We miss you all very much.
    I promise not to tell grandma that your eating bugs. She probably would say, “I told them not to go to korea. there’s no food there.
    Aunt Stacy Uncle Ivan and Cousin Pepper
    P.S. Tell Alex to email us. We would love to know how he’s doing. If he likes teaching I can hook him up with a job in an elementary school in “Bruklyn”

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