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Swaps Swaps Swaps & My 1st Workshop

Wow, I just realized I am THE worst title comer-upper-with person EVER!  Oh well, there are more important things to think about right – like what’s in the post!

Speaking of what’s in the post…  Could any of these packages be for you?  Hmmm, I guess you’ll have to wait and see.  I have been having a blast with all my swaps but I have had to limit myself to about 3 – 4 a month for budget and time sake.  The mailing alone will set a girl back 30 – 50 smackeroos.  Smackeroos are not the Korean currency by the way…

The one place I can order from that doesn’t take a million years to arrive is Amazon and it looks like I went a little overboard this month.  I am overwhelmed, in an excited kid-at-the-candy-store kind of way.  Note to self – next time order one a month so you can actually focus on a few projects at a time.

Even though I am not an official Stampin’ Up demonstrator yet, I have scheduled my first workshop.  It actually works out better anyway because I can’t do any kind of promotion or publicity at the A & FRC, which is fine because my main focus here is volunteering on base and meeting some new gal pals.  Wish me luck and if you love stamping as much as I do and have any ideas for me, drop me a comment, I love hearing other people’s ideas.  I will be spending the next week or two drowning in SCS.  For anyone who doesn’t know about SCS head on over, it’s amazing!  I will be setting up 4 stations of 3 people each and will offer 1 card and 3 stamping doodads.  I am in need of doodad ideas so start thinking girls…


3 thoughts on “Swaps Swaps Swaps & My 1st Workshop

  1. I am ever so envious of your purchases! You’ll have to let me know what you think. I have Crafter’s Companion and love it. I am interested to hear your take on the other three!

  2. Wow you are one busy lady! Looks like you got some great books too! Chara ( & I were just talking about doing a skirt sew along from the Sew What Skirts book, hmmm maybe we should see if there aren’t some other blog ladies that want join us seeing as that book keeps popping up in blog land. I will be looking forward to hearing what you think about the other books. I have them on my Amazon wish list. Best of luck with your new venture & congrats on getting your first gig!

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