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The most random post in the history of Joes Melans…


A little background info… I used to get my haircut only about twice a year, part of the reason was the fact that I was always trying to let it grow and then when I moved to NYC I couldn’t afford or rationalize paying $100 for a shampoo, cut and blowdry unless I had just received my yearly bonus. I’ve lived in Korea for 5 months and have gotten my haircut 3 times already. Not that you care but the first was just a trim, the second was out of boredom and well the third…

As they say, “When in Korea, get a bob…” Actually this impulsive decision was brought on mostly by the fact that I have been informed from numerous Korean sources that Koreans don’t turn the air conditioning on until July or Aug. I wonder how many people will have died from heat stroke by then. It has been in the mid to high 70s lately and while I spent almost 3 years in Florida and should be used to the heat, I am also used to air conditioning. While I am traipsing around Seoul in a tank top summer dress, Koreans have wind breakers on, what gives?


After questioning the 5 or so Koreans I know I have learned there are a few reasons why Koreans seem to love and adore the heat:

1) Many Koreans think that air conditioning and breezes will cause people to catch a cold. Years ago, catching a cold meant ending up in the hospital or worse and their old fashioned ideas are still prevalent among the younger generations.

2) Gas and electricity are extremely expensive here!!!

All I know is it is hot as heck and it’s only May, I foresee many trips to the base pool come summertime.

Thurs. Girl’s Night Out

Me and Steph at Chakraa last week for Thurs. Girl’s Night Out.

Last Thurs. was pretty small because many girls are travelling this month on vacations and trips.

Jayme and Ally at dinner. Jayme is relatively new to Osan and she and her husband came from Tucson, AZ. Jayme and I are going to Japan next weekend, more on that when we get back.

Korea and the price of fruit

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, those are $10 and $8 watermelons. Fruit here is surprisingly good despite the yucky water and yellow dust issues. Joe and I love fruit and try to eat it whenever we can but never in my life have I had to contemplate taking out a bank loan to purchase fruit. On any given day at the market you can expect to pay $7 for a bunch of grapes, $8 for a pound of strawberries and $30 for a basket of apples, yes $30. Are they apples straight from the Garden of Eden? With a $30 price tag they better be apples that will keep the doctor away for years!

Random Photo

I know you’re probably wondering what is so interesting about this photo but do you see the tree growing out of the roof of that building? That is a public restroom near the train tracks on the way downtown with a large bonsai-looking tree growing on top of it. I pass this tree everyday and alway wondered how in the world it got there. I know someone must have planted it there but why? Does it make the bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing? Is it supposed to be used as a landmark for people to find the restrooms easier? “Hwa-jung-shil (Bathroom in Hangul)… Just look for the building with the bonsai tree on top of it.”

Upcoming Trips

Next weekend Jayme and I and a few other ladies are going to Yokota AFB, in Japan. It’s about 45 min. from Tokyo and we hope to do some sightseeing and shopping while we’re there although I’ll probably need another bank loan to shop in Tokyo.

With Memorial Day weekend coming up soon, Joe and I thought we would take advantage of his days of work. We’re heading down south to Jeju-do, a small island off the southern coast of Korea. Many Koreaners honeymoon there and it is home to Mt. Hallasan, Korea’s tallest Jeju-do’s tallest (thanks for the info, Mark) and most scenic mountain area.

We are also heading to Thailand in August so if you have ever been to Thailand please email me some recommendations for places to stay and things to see. Most of our time will be spent in Ubon, trying to find Joe’s mom’s relatives but we plan to see Bangkok and maybe the Phuket area as well.


2 thoughts on “The most random post in the history of Joes Melans…

  1. Love your haircut!! Are the plaid bags on the table the take home left over bags? Quite impressive.
    enjoy your trip

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