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Jeju Update…

Well, it looks like Joe and I are not going to Jeju next weekend.  It’s 1 AM here and I finally got off the phone with Expedia for the 3rd time.  My realization that this trip was not going to happen were brought on by a list of frustrating events:

1) After realizing the ferry from Busan to Jeju is about 6 hours and only runs twice a day on weekedays (WTF) we scratched that idea and realized it was a blessing that I didn’t purchase the train tickets.

2) After visiting not 1 but 2 different travel agencies as well as the Korean Airlines and Asiana Airlines ticket offices here in Songtan and finding out there are no available flights left on the days we wanted to go I figured my last option would be to spend a fortune on a last minute online flight booking.

3) FYI – Orbitz (my usual online flight booker company) and Travelocity do not book Asian flights, at least not from an Asian IP address.  The Expedia website, who had about 20 flights listed on our dates, was not cooperating when it came to the booking process.  After calling 3 separate times and speaking to 3 separate agents and getting 3 separate answers I wanted to throw my crappy Korean cell phone off my 11th floor balcony.

I’m going to bed mad!!!  Mad at Koreans for travelling to Jeju Island the weekend of Buddha’s Birthday.  Mad at various Korean airlines for not having an overabundance of seats.  Mad at Expedia for listing 20+ flight options when there are really NONE.  But most of all I’m mad at myself for waiting until a week before travelling to book a flight.   I can’t scream, Joe has to be up in a little over 3 hours!  😦

Thankfully, my hotel is cancelled and I will be receiving a refund in 5 – 7 business days.  At least that’s what the Korean based travel site told me in an automated email.  We’ll see…


2 thoughts on “Jeju Update…

  1. OMG, you are the funniest. How frustrating all this is!!! Just stay home and never venture out — nahhhh, that’s no fun, especially in another country. Calm down, take a deep breath, count to 3,000 (sometimes, that’s what it takes), and remember, you have parents who love you dearly and miss you, and don’t want you to get high blood pressure!!

    Momma & Dad

  2. Some info about the ferry from BUSAN to JEJU.

    deparing from Busan 7pm arriving Jeju 6am.(except sunday)

    and the price. 53,000won for the 4 ppl bedroom.


    You can go to JEJU from MOKPO too.
    twice daily for the car ferry and one daily for the express ferry(MOKPO8am-JEJU11:10 JEJU14:00-MOKPO 17:10).

    there is also KTX from Seoul or Daejeon to Mokpo + ferry fare. 48,000won ish something one way.
    It’s kind of new so you have to ask your korean friend about this. all Korean.

    anyway it hope it helps if you plan next time or something. 🙂

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