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Not so Happy Hands

Ok Amy, the math is simple.   Hand sewing = pricked fingers = not so happy hands.  What is it with you and hand sewing?  We thought you got it loud and clear when Finny explained her complete and utter distaste in hand sewing.  And if that wasn’t enough, it was plastered all over “The Club” that we did, indeed, agree with poor Finny about the whole hand sewing thing.  See, for about the past 200 or so years, we’ve had this cool contraption called a sewing machine.  I’m not sure exactly how it works but it smooshes (technical term of course) layers of fabric together and they stay stuck.  It’s really quite awesome and so many people are using them nowadays.  This month’s project, the cool little potholders required a beeezillion pins and therefore, should not have required ANY hand sewing as there were already enough pricking possibilities with trying to stab bendy straight pins through 18 layers of batting.

So since I was not a happy camper after having completed these, I present to you one very happy hubby!  Since I don’t let him in or anywhere near the kitchen, he thinks these beauts are just perfect as puppets for the girls.

Now let’s get to the technical part – I don’t do assymetrical!  Just don’t do it, not with certain things anyway!  I tweaked the front sqaures to have 9 blocks and reduced the size to an 8″ pot holder.  I’m not ashamed of my midget-sized hands and I’m usually swimming in standard oven mitts.  I also did absolutely NO hand stitching whatsoever.  Call me a rebel or a bad ass but I machine stitched the entire binding on and it felt SOO good!  Take that you beautiful and oh-so talented Amy Butler! Kelli and Finny bring on September, I’m all fired up!


3 thoughts on “Not so Happy Hands

  1. Hey, hope you don’t mind the random drop by. You showed up under my tags and I thought I would check out your blog. I love the pot holders. Your blog is great. You are very talented.Feel free to stop by my blog.

  2. Hilarious! I haven’t tackled this project yet cause I didn’t feel like doing all that quiltling and hand sewing. I think I will go with your idea to sew the binding on with the machine and maybe go buy some prequilted fabric:):)

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