Yapping Away

33 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

Joe got back from the field on Saturday and I was in Seoul for the weekend.  When I walked into the house yesterday I was SO glad to see him.  His 33rd birthday was this past August so this is a little overdue but I wrote this while he was away.  I just want to apologize, in advance, for the excessive use of exclamation points.
1) He treats me like a princess!

2) He works HARD!

3) He makes me laugh – a lot!

4) He loves to cuddle.  (Sorry I had to write that on the internet Honey)

5) He never lets me carry anything heavy.

6) He ALWAYS kisses and hugs me when I haven’t seen him for more than 30 min.

7)  He falls asleep to me reading (some may think this is rude but I think it’s endearing, like in some way my voice is soothing to him.)

8) He buys me BEEE-YOU-tiful jewelry.

9)  He gets very concerned when I am around knives.  Which is often, because I cook a lot.

10) He eats what I make for dinner, even if I can tell he doesn’t like it.

11) He watches girly movies with me – sometimes.  (Again, sorry Honey)

12) He loves our cats.

13) He loves his family and mine, even if they are hard to love sometimes.

14) He doesn’t hold grudges.

15) People look up to him!

16) He lets me have girl time with my friends whenever I need it.

17) He cleans the bathroom when I don’t want to.

18) He has the softest touch.

19) He always saves me a bite of whatever he’s eating.

20) He barely ever complains and makes me stop when I do it too much.

21) He loves to travel (with me)!

22) He has it on his heart to adopt, which was so important to me when I married him.

23) He is personable and can talk to anyone.

24) He thinks I’m cute!

25) He does REALLY good impressions of me.

26) He stands up for what he believes in.

27) He makes room for me on the couch even when I know he doesn’t want to.

28) He writes me really sweet cards.

29) He loves to surprise me.  He used to love to scare me but we nipped that one in the bud.

30) He loves to have BBQs and parties just as much as I do.

31) He can function on little sleep (for a while).

32) He LOVES kids.

33) He always calls me sweet nicknames.

I challenge you to write a list of reasons why you love someone!


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