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Rejuvenated and Run Down…

Just got back from a weekend women’s retreat, which I have to say, was nothing short of AMAZING!  About 50 women, most from Osan gathered at the beautiful Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul to relax, chat and get spiritually rejuvenated.  Our speaker was Amy Stephens, who you NEED to book for your next conference/retreat.  She was a ball of energy, beautiful, inside and out, and said so many awesome things I couldn’t stop taking notes the whole weekend.  The theme for our retreat was “Eager Anticipation” and it was a great topic for women who are constantly waiting on the military.  Amy spoke about waiting and the freedom in waiting.  It was so simple, yet so profound!  I do not want to give away her inspiring and amazing teachings, because I want your groups to book her but I will share a small bit of the most inspiring messages I learned from her this weekend:

* Nothing God can show us can be a let down, we can never miss out on something when we are waiting on God. *

* There is a HUGE difference when God (and not people, the military, anyone else) is the one you’re listening to and listening for. *

* God is not our personal genie.  God doesn’t need us, we need God!  He allows you to take part in what He’s doing, not vice versa.*

* God doesn’t call us to know His answers, He calls us to know Him!*

These are things, that when I read them again should be so obvious and simple but hearing them in the context of this weekend they were some of the most profound things I had ever heard.  Waiting is a hard game, at least in the military.  Waiting for the next duty station, waiting for my husband to come home.  Waiting for the plane, waiting for an answer from any given office.  This was just what I needed!

I’m sick today – God’s telling me that He wants me to slow down and actually digest what I heard this weekend.


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