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Migguk Chuseok

These are the words I used to describe our November holiday to my Korean friends – it is translated as American Chuseok (the Korean’s Thanksgiving).  Many of my Korean friends were very interested to learn more about our traditions for Thanksgiving and I found myself trying to explain the foods we eat to some of my friends who struggle with English.  Haram knows a little English, much more then the others and was doing her best to translate to the other girls.  I was explaining that we typically make large turkeys and that my small Korean oven wouldn’t accomodate one so I had to order two from the Officer’s Club this year.  As Haram was explaining this to the other girls I heard the word Kobuki.  Having spent a year in Korea I should speak much more Hangul than I do but I did recognize this word immediately and stopped Haram mid-sentence.  She had just explained to the other teachers that Americans eat ‘turtle’ for Thanksgiving.  My attempt at correcting her involved some very amusing hand gestures complete with sound effects.  I challenge anyone to a game of Charades after living in an Asian country for a year.  In any case, no turtles were harmed in this year’s Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving day was spent at Joe’s bosses house with the folks from his office.  It was a great day of football in the cold,

a huge meal,

a lively and competitive game of Taboo and an early bedtime for Joe and I.   The next day Joe and I hosted our 1st Annual Black Friday Leftover Party or formally known as the Day After Thanksgiving Potluck.

We had about 15 people over for dinner and drinks and let me tell you it was so nice to only make a few things this year.  I ordered turkeys from the O Club, and made a caramel apple pie, a 7-layer salad, mashed potatoes and some hors d’oeuvres.  Nothing like the past 2 years in Florida when I prepared Thanksgiving for 25 people.  We had a great time and it was definitely unlike any other Thanksgiving we’ve had.

Half the table

Timothy, Paul and Megan

Kate and Kevin

Brian and Ashley

Ally and her favorite little man

The rest of my Thanksgiving weekend was spent decorating the Enlisted Clubs for the holidays with the E wives – fun fun fun!  How did you all spend your Thanksgiving this year?


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