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Things I'm Thankful For This Holiday Season (in no particular order):

1. Makeshift holiday decorations (because it’s hard to find Christmas trees in Korea).

2. Giving is so much better then receiving.

3. Making a friend’s bachelorette party weekend invitations and helping that bachelorette celebrate her upcoming nuptials.

4. Handmade Christmas decorations (can you tell I was having fun with my hot glue gun)?

5. Surprising my friends with some small party favors for the Fancy Pants Holiday Party 

6. The Fancy Pants friends!

7. Exchanging some handmade napkins for sock knitting lessons.

8. Being surprisingly happy with a bag prototype.

9. Mixing textures (my new favorite scarf – a combination of a wool tweed and a soft as silk jersey fabric).

10. The Annual Caramel Apple Pie (just before the crumb topping).

11. Delivering a box of baked goods to the church bake sale (and baking with my favorite Korean friend, “Ally Crocker”).

12. Christmas Eve service at church with my honey.

13. An orphanage visit in Seoul.

14. My favorite cold and cough remedy! (No, I REALLY am thankful for this!)

15. Baking a congratulatory cake for one of Joe’s troops who was promoted to Staff Sergeant (hence the Ssgt spelled out in mini M & Ms).

16. Baking the yummiest, crustiest loaf of bread ever (actually baking 4 of them).

17. Trying out a new homemade recipe and loving it! (Creamy Chicken & Rice Soup – perfect for that crusty bread)

18. A weekend in Seoul with my hubby!

19. Christmas gifts!

20. Lovely lovely swap goodies (this journal is fabulous Emma, thank you!)

21. Handmade wine bottle holders (these could be my new favorite thing to make – inspiration).


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