We’re Here!

There’s something about traveling for 30 hours straight that brings out the ugliness in people.  It’s hard to stay sweet and friendly after being sleep-deprived but I did my best.

Tuesday Feb, 5th

9:00 AM  Get on the road from Dothan to Atlanta

1:30 PM Drop off the rental car – seamless.

2:00 PM Check the cats and ourselves into the Atlanta airport – once again, pain-free.

5:00 PM Flight to New York – Joe and I slept for about an hour on this flight.

7:00 PM Arrive in New York/JFK – short and painless layover.

9:00 PM Flight to Madrid, Spain – Joe was lucky enough to sleep most of this 7 hour flight.  I, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.  Since I can’t take any sleeping pills I didn’t sleep a wink and had to suffer through two horrible movies and some loud Spanish people speaking to each other almost the entire flight.  The only thing that helped me through the flight was a book my Dad got me.

Wednesday, Feb. 6th

11:00 AM (Spain time) Arrive in Madrid

12:00 PM Attempt to nap in the horribly uncomfortable chairs at Madrid airport.  This was quite possibly the hardest 4 hours of my life to this point.  I participated in dance marathons in high school and stayed up for days on end with little sleep during college but I was absolutely miserable during this 4 hour period of time.  At this time I had been up for over 24 hours but with the added exhaustion of my pregnancy I couldn’t handle the stress.

4:00 PM Flight to Seville – slept the whole one hour flight – thankfully.

5:00 PM Picked up by Moron Base transportation and our sponsor and driven to Moron Air Base.  Standing at the baggage claim conveyor belt with all my pink luggage, two cats and no sign of Joe’s luggage was quite an end to an already stressful journey.  Luckily I was able to do his laundry in the hotel so he didn’t have to in-process and meet the Commander this morning in stinky airplane clothes.

6:30 PM  Check into our hotel room, get dinner and crash.

9:00 PM – We passed out for 11 wonderful hours of much needed sleep.

Thursday Feb. 7th

We had quite a productive day.  Joe got up this morning to in-process with his sponsor and I headed to the Housing office.  We are visiting a few homes tomorrow in Moron, La Ramira and Utrera.  Wish us luck on our house hunt.   We’re hoping to find something with a pool, garden, patios and plenty of room to accommodate the new baby as well as the many house guests we hope will visit over the next few years.

I also visited the library, where I met the Pastor’s wife who told me all about the Spouses’ Events here on base.  I had such great friends in Korea and was worried that I would have a hard time finding things to do on such a small base.  But since Moron is so small, it seems that everyone is very friendly and close here.  Thankfully, I can say that I already have activities lined up for the remainder of Feb.

A few more errands this afternoon, a nap and dinner and here I am at the base library checking email and writing on my blog.  So far, Joe and I have only seen the base but the weather and the countryside surrounding the base is beautiful and lush.  Much like Florida weather, we think we are really going to like it here.  All the Spaniards that work on base are super friendly and there is definitely an enormous lemon tree growing right outside our hotel.  We’re going to rent a car this weekend and drive around looking at the surrounding towns.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pictures.


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