Moron de la Frontera · Spain

Sunday Hike

After church today, Joe and I headed out to do some more exploring of our new town.  We’ve been in our house exactly a month today and are loving everything about our new digs.

It was warm today, about 70 degrees in the shade with a nice light breeze.  The clouds in the sky were like paintbrush strokes set against the perfect blue.

In shorts and tennis shoes we headed out about 3 PM intending to climb to the top of Moron to the castle remains.

We wandered into the heart of our little village, which was bustling with people fresh from church and congregating at the nearby bars and cafes.  We passed dozens of fashionably and provocatively dressed women who had just emerged from the large Catholic churches on the quiet streets.  We stopped in front of the town hall at the heladeria stall for some granizada fresa (strawberry ice) and water and headed even farther up into the winding paths of Moron.

The Iglesia de San Miguel loomed in front of us, as we hoofed it up the streets.

Iglesia de San Miguel was built in the 15th century and took over 200 years to build.  The church is amazingly beautiful and intricately carved on the exterior and stands stories above you.  The picture above is a picture of the back of Joe standing about 10 yards from the steps leading up to the church.

From there we headed even higher towards the castle and stopped to take some photos of the side of the Iglesia with its beautiful stone architecture.

Once at the top we took photos of the spectacular views of our town.  Moron de la Frontera is a small town of about 30,000 people 30 miles south of Sevilla.  The people are friendly, middle class, down-to earth folks and the town is small enough to feel like a village.

At the top we sat on the wall of what is left of the castle of Moron de la Frontera and thought about all who had lived here and defended this small town.  On our way to the top we met an older couple who had come to Moron for the first time in 30 years.  This man, a well-known photographer, who had photographed Diego del Gastor, a famous Flamenco guitarist from Moron was taking in the sights of a town he barely recognized.  You never know what a Sunday will bring…


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