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Flowers Flowers Everywhere

Joe and I had inherited some hand crocheted doilies his mom made years ago and I wanted to do something fun with them.  I saw this cute idea and decided I wanted to try it myself.   I rolled the doilies up and hot glued them closed to make some rosebuds.  Then I made some half circles out of green felt and rolled them around the bottom of the buds.  I hot glued some floral wire onto the bottom and voila, a cute little bouquet that will never wilt.

While I had the hot glue gun out I decided to make some cute spring flowers with ribbon and some floral accessories I picked up at the fabric market before I left Korea.  Brooches, gift wrap bow alternatives, magnets, pushpins, the possibilities are endless.  You can find them in the shop soon.

I also wanted to make a bulletin board for my new sewing room so I picked up a medium sized bulletin board at the junk store down the street and hot glued some fabric and ribbon on it.  I added some fancy push pins and I’m now using it for projects.  The left side is for projects I need to start and the right side is for projects I currently need to finish.

Since we’ve been taking plenty of day trips since moving to Spain I decided I needed a drawstring backpack to take along.  I used Happythings tutorial to make this out of my new favorite gray tweed.  I lined it with Alexander Henry’s “Bird Seed” print in yellow and added lots of interior pockets.

I quilted the bottom and sides with a layer of batting and the bag is nice and sturdy.  My only problem was that the casing ended up being quilted with batting and therefore very difficult to get the straps through.  I also made the straps a little too short but that can easily be fixed.  Three friends already want one and I love the design, although the bag took quite a while to make.


One thought on “Flowers Flowers Everywhere

  1. you and the hot glue gun have been really busy!! also love the scarf you have made – I am going shopping in the city next week for a couple of new ones for the winter hoping it will bring the winter on a little faster! (Not a fan of the heat) – keep on crafting!! I am putting together a little package to go with the scraps I am sending thru the swap…and having fun!

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