April in Spain

It’s been so long since I’ve posted and April has come and gone so fast. The main reason I haven’t written much this month is that not a whole lot has been happening. We have been enjoying our day-to-day life here in Spain and the time has been flying by. We can’t believe that we will be here 3 months next week. We had two weeks of horrible rain showers and cold temperatures. The beautiful Spanish weather is back and we are enjoying every minute of it. Joe has been playing softball, and I have been hanging out with my friends and taking care of the house. I’m about 9 weeks pregnant now and have been feeling horrible for the past month. Queasy and exhausted all day but I can’t sleep at night. We go to the hospital tomorrow afternoon to hear the heartbeat so I’m sure I’ll have more to report. Since we don’t have a definite due date we are thinking the baby is due sometime late Nov./early Dec. and hopefully the Dr. will have more to tell us as the time gets closer.

This past weekend we were busy with BBQs since the weather has gotten back to sunny and warm. Saturday evening the Whitford’s and the Menendez’s hosted an Asian themed BBQ and we had Korean and Thai food that was to die for. On Sunday afternoon we headed over to the Mueller’s for a backyard BBQ that was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend. Below are some pics from the Mueller’s BBQ.

Brianna, Kevin and Michelle

Lounging around in the Spanish sun

Michelle, Rena, Brianna, Celina and I dipping our feet. Michelle’s son, TJ thought it would be funny to jump in the pool and splash us right when Joe took our picture.

The pools are still a little chilly for the adults to get in all the way, but the kids don’t care so the boys had a blast jumping around in the pool.

Shane gave the kids a helping hand with their jumps.

A few more weeks of this 85 degree weather and our pools will be warm enough to swim in. I can’t wait! But until then we will be enjoying many more weekend BBQs.


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