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Secret Shames

Last week one of my very close friends tagged me to list 3 secret shames.  I have been working all week on exactly which ones I wasn’t afraid to post for everyone to see.

1) I collect junk!  No really, it’s junk!  I have a stash of empty yogurt cups, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, soup cans, spaghetti jars and plastic strawberry containers on a shelf in my laundry room.  I recycle aluminum, glass, plastic and cardboard yet these things I cannot get rid of.  I don’t know if it was my days as a teacher where I needed junk like this for projects but I can’t bring myself to toss it in the recycling bin.  Maybe I think I will need them for some kooky project in the future.  I don’t know! 😛

2) I hate wearing socks!  I’m lucky that I live in Spain and have lived in Florida as well because I can get away with bare feet in the warmer climates.  The only time I will put socks on is when I wear tennis shoes.  Even if it’s freezing outside I hate wearing socks!  I hate the feeling of confinement.  I am not claustrophobic but I hate feeling like my limbs are not free to move about.  This is also why I hate tucked in sheets.  Even at hotels I untuck every silly layer of blanket and sheet.

3) I absolutely LOATHE American Idol.  I physically cringe when I hear the theme song or Ryan Seacrest’s voice.  I admit to having watched the 1st season, along with everyone else, but come on now, there has to be an end to this idiocy sometime.  I just cannot understand how a talent show that made Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken popular hasn’t lost all credibility.  Joe loves American Idol and I make him watch when I’m not around or he has to wear headphones. (I’m a horrible wife, I know!)  The contestants are horrible, the songs are all overdone, the judges use the same crappy adjectives for every contestant and the producers think it’s ok to force the American public to sit through 2 hellish hours of this nonsense every week.  Other than Kelly Clarkson’s one teeny-bopper album and a few decent songs from Chris Daughtry what have any of the winners/runners up gotten from their crappy monopolistic contracts from this has-been show?  ENOUGH ALREADY!  Is there no end in site?  Ok, I think I got it all out!


One thought on “Secret Shames

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