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Happy Mother's Day

I can’t remember the last time I spend Mother’s Day with my mom.  Even though she is far from my geographically I love my mom more than anything.   For her 50th birthday I made a list of things I learned from my mother and I thought I would share them here so everyone can see how special she is to me and many other people.

50 Things I Learned From My Mother
1. Always hold someone’s hand when crossing a busy street.
2. Say please and thank you.
3. Smile and mean it.
4. Love people unconditionally.
5. That right or wrong, the important thing is to learn something.
6. You never know unless you try and to try your best if you do.
7. Spending time is so important.
8. It’s okay to cry.
9. It’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to help others.
10. Kisses and hugs do help.
11. That time heals.
12. That life is unfair sometimes but you make of it what you can.
13. School isn’t just a place you go to waste time.
14. Friends are so important.
15. Family are the people who are there through thick and thin.
16. Beauty is everywhere, you just have to look for it.
17. Chocolate makes you feel better.
18. Children are a gift.
19. Jewelry can make or break and outfit.
20. You can never have too many pairs of shoes.
21. You should always wear lipstick.
22. Memories are important and should be cherished and shared.
23. All people should be treated with respect and love.
24. Courtesy goes a long way.
25. Always look on the bright side of things.
26. If you don’t respect yourself nobody else will.
27. It’s not what you have but who you share it with.
28. Time alone is just as important as time with others.
29. You’re as young as you feel.
30. Pajamas are the most comfortable outfit you own.
31. Hard work does pay off.
32. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated.
33. Everyone needs a role model.
34. It’s okay to get along with your parents.
35. Mothers and daughters make better friends than enemies.
36. Life isn’t about what you’ve got but how you use it.
37. Love is a two way street.
38. Relationships need to be worked at.
39. That if you feel strong about something you should open your mouth about it.
40. Letters and notes warm a heart.
41. If you care about someone show them.
42. If you want to sing and dance, you should even if you can’t.
43. You make your own second chances.
44. Patience is important.
45. You shouldn’t go outside on a cold day without a coat.
46. Dinner tastes better when the whole family’s together.
47. “I Love You” should be said loud enough to hear.
48. Thank you notes mean a lot.
49. Making your parents proud means more than anything in the world.
50. Love makes everything possible.

My mother, grandmother and aunt circa 1956.

My grandmother, mom and brother circa 1983.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma!

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