Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

For two weeks now I have not been able to post Thankful Thursdays until Friday.  Maybe I should start it on Wednesday next week.  This week I am thankful for some pretty random things.  But thankful nonetheless!

1) My makeshift recycling center.  We have to bring our recyclables to bins on base which I am happy to do and these big plastic IKEA bags make it so easy.  I just toss my plastics, aluminums and glass into different bags and when they are full I pull them off the wall, throw them in the trunk and bring them to the recycling bins.

2) Getting a big box of t-shirts ready for this gal!

3) Watching Joe play softball again.  In Korea Joe’s work schedule was not conducive to extracurricular activities but thankfully here he has the opportunity to play softball with a bunch of other guys from Moron Air Base.

4) A new website which is going to be so fun to use with my crazy pregger cravings.

5) Our new toy, which is going to make it so much easier to find our way around Europe.

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