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Too Much Travel

I arrived home from my month in the States after a relatively easy trek back to Spain on Wed. Sept. 9th and Joe arrived back from Germany on Fri. Sept. 11th.  I was so glad to see him after his 6 week trip to NCO Academy and we were settling back into life quite nicely.  That following day we, unfortunately, got a call from Joe’s dad that Grandma Taylor wasn’t doing very well and we should come to the States for her last few days.  Not having fully unpacked proved helpful as we hopped on a plane the next day after Chapel.  Flying military space available is so nice when it comes to saving money but not when the possible arrival destinations are nowhere near your ultimate destination.  We needed to get to Dothan, Alabama and Norfolk, VA was the closest we could get by plane that day.  Last minute plane tickets from Norfolk to Dothan were way out of our price range so we ended up staying over in Norfolk for 6 hours and then renting a car and driving 12 hours south to Alabama.

We arrived in Dothan on Monday and, unfortunately, didn’t make it in time to say goodbye to Grandma Taylor.  We settled in with Joe’s youngest brother, Steve and his wife, Vicki who we are very close to and who were kind enough to put us up for a week.   We paid our condolences to the well-loved Lois Taylor at her wake and funeral and, although not the best circumstances for a visit, got a chance to spend time with Joe’s family.

Toward the end of the week I had been feeling very tired and my back and hips were bothering me more and more each day.  Finally, the night before we were set to head back to Spain I could barely walk or stand up and Joe took me to the emergency room because I thought I was having early labor pains.  My fear was that all the physical stress from traveling so much was causing me to go into labor 10 weeks early.  The doctors and nurses in labor and delivery at Flowers Hospital in Dothan were so great to me and assured me that Tripp was not trying to make an early entrance into the world.  I was told to relax, not an easy task for someone who was set to travel more than 24 hours the very next day.  Luckily the next day when Joe and I headed home we had a long but very smooth trip back to Spain.  A 5 hour drive to Nashville, TN where we stayed overnight, then a flight to Atlanta, a flight to Philadelphia and then a short 1.5 hour drive to Dover Air Force Base where we arrived 2 hours before our flight back to Spain.

Once we got home to our house, our cats, our bed, I vowed to not travel anymore for many many months.  An appt. with the physical therapist and my doctor assured me that slowing down would indeed make me feel better in my last 8 weeks.  We have been home for over a week now and I can safely say that other than a trip to Rota for another Dr. appt. and a trip to the grocery store I have been relaxing at home and sleeping until 10 AM everyday.

We’ll keep you posted on my last few months of pregnancy.  We have some friends coming over for a BBQ tomorrow night to celebrate my birthday which was this past Monday but other than that and some nursery decorating I have no major plans for the next 8 weeks.


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