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21 and counting!

I think it’s safe to say that Joe and I will not be following in the Duggars footsteps.

Last night was the Air Force Ball. Since Joe was in Germany this week and I have nothing to wear to a ball that won’t make me look like a big, round, taffeta beach ball I decided to volunteer my time to watch the 21 children who needed supervision. Oh I wasn’t watching 21 children alone, all while 8 months pregnant – NO! I had 4 other ladies and 5 teenagers lined up to help with this fun evening. We had the elementary school media room all set up and a well thought out schedule of fun activities and games. But by the end of the night I think it’s safe to say Joe and I won’t be having 21 children.

For the toddlers we read the book Where’s My Mummy? We played musical chairs, pin the face on the jack ‘o’ lantern, we blew millions of bubbles, and made egg carton arachnids and lacing spider webs.

The school age kids had a scarecrow relay race, made Martha’s Witch’s broom favors filled with candy, origami bats, and did a Halloween themed reader’s theater.

By the end of the night everyone was in thorough melt-down mode so we had the kids gather on the floor, handed out bowls of popcorn and put in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

End of the night tally –

Use of the 1st aid kit – none!

Crying children – 1 (a toddler who was sad to see his parents leave but started having fun about 20 min. later)

Time outs – 4 (1 little girl kicked a little boy, 3 little kids wouldn’t stop running in circles around the library and needed some quiet sitting time)

Overall it was a fun night for all!

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