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Birthing Class

Yesterday Joe and I had to go to Rota for our birthing class.  We watched a 3 hour video on different topics such as pain reduction options, the stages of labor, emergency c-sections, postpartum, and preparing for your new baby.  We also got a tour of the labor and delivery wing at the Naval hospital where Tripp will be born and learned about some of the medical equipment that is used in the birthing room.  It was pretty helpful and was the last official step before Tripp’s arrival in 4 short weeks.  At my last appt. the doctor told me that Tripp was measuring about a week early and Joe thinks he is going to be born earlier than his expected Dec. 1st due date so we’ll see.  My next appt. is this Wed. and then I start going down to Rota weekly for my last few weeks.  I have been sleeping for about 9 hours a night and walking with friends a few days a week.  Some days my lower back hurts and I have a little heartburn once in a while but other than I feel great.  We’ll keep everyone posted as the date gets closer.

36 weeks

A big ole belly shot for Mom! 

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