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Pie Contest

This past Monday was the base-wide Thanksgiving Luncheon and the 2nd Annual Pie Contest. 

Stiff Competition

I submitted 3 pies and placed fourth with the Candy Apple Pie.  Joe and his buddies decided to enter the contest this year with a bit of a joke – a Totino’s Pizza Roll Pie.  Aptly named, “Lord of the Pies,” they got together last Saturday, while the wives went to a Christmas Bazaar, for a dry-run.  We arrived home from our day trip to a few pieces waiting for us and were pleasantly surprised with their final product.  They wanted to make a few tweaks before entering the pie and they ended up winning 1st place.

Preparing the crust – they were originally going to go with a pizza crust base but decided to cook some pizza rolls and mash them down to make a crust.

Cooking the bacon – no pizza roll pie would be complete without bacon.

My husband carefully mashing the crust down.  The pizza rolls actually hardened into a pretty solid crust.

Layering the cheese and pepperoni.

Lord of the Pies – First Place Winner at the Moron Air Base’s 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon!

The 2nd and 3rd place winners and I were a little disappointed that they won 1st place but with 3 out of 5 of the judges being men, who also love pizza rolls, we weren’t too surprised.

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