Things I’ve Learned in Your First Month of Life

1. Every morning you look just a little bit different.
2. You love shadows and Daddy is running out of shadow hand puppets so he just makes up hand gestures to flash on the wall for you.
3. You would rather nap on our chests than in your own bed.
4. You would rather sleep snuggled up to Mama’s chest than in your own bed.
5. You love kisses and move your face towards the person who’s kissing you.
6. Breast pads make a great quick burp cloth when I’m in a pinch.
7. You smile right before you’re going to fart or poop.
8. You have 100 different goofy faces.
9. You love your sling as much as I had hoped you would, hanging out with me while I bake or tidy the house.
10. You have the tiniest pinky toenails I have ever seen in my life.
11. A shower and some sunshine make a world of difference.
12. You love fresh air and walks around the neighborhood.
13. You love when I read to you, sitting for a half hour at a time.
14. You are ALWAYS hungry!
15. You hate getting your diaper changed but have gotten used to it a little bit more each day.
16. You are mesmerized by your pack and play mobile.
17. You hate being set down and will only go in your swing or bouncy seat for 5 min. at a time.
18. You love being patted on the back.
19. You can already hold up your head pretty well.
20. Your legs are so strong already and you try to push yourself up to a standing position all the time.
21. You don’t mind when other people hold you.
22. I love you more and more each day, if that’s at all possible.

Day 1: 7 pounds 12 ounces

Month1: 9 pounds 6 ounces

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