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5 Months Old

Tripp, you are 5 months old this week.  Where has the time gone?  In the blink of an eye you have become more of a little boy and less of a baby.  This 5th month of your life has meant many milestones for you – your first Easter, your ability to sit unassisted for longer than 30 seconds, and your ability to roll over.  Your personality shows through more and more each day and Daddy and I can see many of our qualities peeking through.  You are quite laid back still, which you get from your Father however you get bored easily and need to be constantly entertained which you get from me.  You have been talking more everyday and love to hear yourself make all kinds of noises.  Your newest noise is a squeal, a cross between amused and frustrated.    You love Sesame Street and toys that crinkle.  You beam whenever your Dad enters the room and you hate going to bed at night because it means you can’t play with him anymore.  You still love to cuddle but would prefer to stand up and stomp your foot on the ground.  You love it when Mimi or Daddy talk to you on the phone, smiling from ear to ear when you hear their voices.  You are getting a little wary of strangers but we still pass you along to whoever wants to hold you.  You’ve started drinking from our water bottles and prefer a sippy cup to a bottle when Daddy watches you.  You are sleeping solely in your crib now, except when you have a bad night and Mama lets you snuggle with her for a few hours in between feedings.

You had a blast your first Easter, sitting unassisted for longer than you ever had before.  You almost slept through your visit with the Easter bunny and couldn’t have cared less about your Easter basket this year.  I know that will change next year when you will know what candy is by then.

You found out you could roll from back to front at 3 AM one night and had your Father and me up for hours laughing at you and rolling you back over.

You still haven’t totally gotten the hang of eating solids yet, spitting out most of your cereal all over your chin and then rubbing it into your eyes and hair.  You prefer fruit without the messy rice or oatmeal that I constantly try to add to it.

You went for your first swim, even though the pool is still a little chilly.  You love to listen to the wind rustling through the trees in the backyard and you love the outdoors although you still don’t love sitting in your stroller for walks.  You much prefer to be carried in a sling while Mommy walks the neighborhood with her friends.  I guess carrying the equivalent to a 17-pound sack of potatoes for an hour is a good workout.

I am so blessed to be your Mommy and I am even more excited for your next 5 months.


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