6 Months Ago

6 months ago they placed you in my arms.  This tiny, sweet-smelling, squawking, ball of soft skin and peach fuzz.

Every Mama knows that at that exact moment her life is changed forever.  She knows that now she’ll now carry a bag much too large for her shoulder, wear spit-up stained clothes for days on end and kiss two pudgy cheeks so many times she may as well glue her lips there.

She knows that in the middle of the night when a little head pops up in his crib and a smile widens his face that 8 hours of sleep is going to mean 3.

She knows that when her little guy sees his Daddy his face will light up as if his favorite Super Hero entered the room.

She knows that when his cries from gas pain, reflux pain, or boo-boo pain keep him from maintaining the jovial demeanor he normally has that only Mama can make it better.

She knows that ingrained in his every cell is a little bit of his parents, a piece of a puzzle that was once missing and now fits perfectly.

She knows that with every bath a little more of his babyhood smell and feel wash down the drain.

She knows that as his circle of friends widens so will his ideas, opinions, and choices.

She knows that all too soon he’ll be replacing one set of wheels for another.

She knows that with every step, great or small, her little baby boy will become a great man one day.  She also hopes it won’t happen too fast and that she’ll have time, between the dishes and the laundry, to enjoy the journey.

Happy Half Year Birthday Little Buddy!


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