Girls Night Out · Shopping · Spain · Trips

Shopping in Sanlucar

Photos to follow tomorrow – I can’t find the cord to my camera to upload photos.

A bumpy bus ride along the countryside brought us to Las Dunas Centro Comercial.

A quiet, quaint little mall, we had it almost to ourselves.

We scurried in and out of stores.  We weaved in and out of dressing rooms, racks of leather boots and chunky wool sweaters.  We peeked behind curtains in dressing rooms, laughing about Christmas party dresses and too much black.

Wouldn’t be a girl’s day out without a photo posed in front of a gigantic twinkling Christmas tree.

Wouldn’t be Spain without a family walking their dog on horseback, past the mall entrance.

Wouldn’t be a memorable day without shopping bags, friends and Ben & Jerry’s.


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