1000 Gifts

1000 Gifts

21 Looking at my baby in the rear view mirror in the car.

22 Unpacking Christmas boxes

23 Decorating for Christmas

24 Paper crafts

25 My husband volunteering his lunch break to watch the kids in the nursery during women’s group.

26 Old magazines with dog eared pages

27 Wireless printers

28 Shopping trips with your girlfriends

29 Ben & Jerry’s

30 Friday Night Lights

31 Double Dates with a babysitter

32 $2 Scarves

33 Surprising a friend with a baby shower for her 5th little bundle of joy – her first BOY!

34 The scents of fall

35 Hot cocoa

36 Getting new-to-me books in the mail from my favorite book swap website.

37 Sewing time after the kiddo falls asleep

38 Baking cookies


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