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Thanksgiving – Taylor Style

Ingredients for a Taylor-style Thanksgiving

1 set of wonderful in-laws willing to house 8 family members for an extended weekend and host Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people

Grandpa George and Grandma Cindy

1 set of parents willing to fly Thanksgiving weekend to visit with their daughter and son-in-law, grandson, their in-laws, their son-in-law’s brother’s in-laws, and their in-law’s daughter and grandsons.  Are you thoroughly confused yet?

My parents

1 family of a wonderful sister-in-law (Joe’s youngest brother’s wife).  A family so sweet you hate that they had to leave 2 days early to head back to Mississippi for a football game.

The Pace's with Vicki and Steve (Joe's Brother)

1 Goofy father willing to carve the turkey while donned in a country heart apron.

My parents - all the way from PA

1 Six-foot table full of delicious family recipes

1 loving husband willing to travel halfway across to world for some turkey, football and our first Thanksgiving home with family in 3 years.

1 set of step-cousins chatting up a storm all weekend.  Well, Tripp did most of the chatting but I’m not entirely sure Tyler understood it all.

Tyler and Tripp - step cousins

1 Baby boy’s half-naked attempt at a 1st Thanksgiving meal, complete with enormous turkey leg.

1 post Thanksgiving dinner bath, never complete without rubber snakes and bubble hat.

Each family’s recipe is a little bit different but equally delicious and enjoyed by all.

Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving this year as well.