1000 Gifts

1000 Gifts

60 Sweet salespeople the week before Christmas


62 Black and white photos

63 Babysitting your friend’s kids and making Christmas crafts and graham cracker houses.

64 Mini Christmas trees

65 Cookie swaps

66 Chocolate and mint together.  In anything

67 Candy Cane syrup

68 Getting Christmas cards from people you haven’t seen in ages

69 Girl’s night

70 Lambrusco

71 Christmas parties where everyone has a great time

72 Dancing like you’re 18 again

73 Homemade pizzas

74 Mini tables and chairs for little kids

75 Galoshes

76 Rain storms

77 Clean laundry

78 Stand mixers

79 Christmas pancakes, dyed red and green made with cookie cutters

80 Subbing for 4th/5th graders the week before Christmas


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