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Every year Ali Edwards labels her year with a word.  One word.  A word she plans to live out. She gives meaning to her word.  She lives her word.  She becomes her word.  That is such an inspiring thought.

GROWTH – It didn’t take me long to decide on my word for 2010.  It will take me a lot longer to actually execute and realize my word.  About 9 months to be exact.  Yes, among other reasons for choosing the word growth is that I am sprouting a new bean to join our little family.

Growth has so many other meanings too and as the new life grows and cultivates inside me I plan on growing in my own character as well.

I want to GROW in God.  Spend more time reading the Word, speaking to God, speaking about God and hopefully letting him do a little speaking through me.  I want to quiet myself enough to hear Him not only when it really counts but when it should count more.

I want to  GROW as a mother, a wife, a sister,a daughter, a friend.  This sounds like a lofty endeavor but it’s the little things that will make this possible.  An extra storybook or cuddle, a nice dinner, an unexpected phone call, a handwritten card (respectively of course).

Ann has a great post over at in(courage) that will help me think about my word and how I can implement it and GROW in it.

Over the next week I plan to sit down and look at ways I can GROW and change as a person this year.

What’s your word?


One thought on “Growth

  1. I love your word, and I am super excited and happy for you both. I already can’t wait to find out what you’re having. I believe my word will be patience, I really need to work on mine, especially with two babies now. I hope ya’ll had a wonderful new year and what a wonderful way to bring it in. Love you guys!

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