$5 Dinners

In staying with the theme of Low-Spend January I stumbled upon Erin Chase’s site for $5 Dinners.  Well, this is just what I need to help lower my food bill this month and she just released her first cookbook.

Click on over to her website and enter to win a giveaway for one of her new cookbooks.

Sat. Jan. 2nd

Breakfast at home: Oatmeal

Lunch for Mel out with friends 10,48 Euros

Lunch for Joe out with friends 24,00 Euros (golf day with his buddies)

Dinner at home: Mexican Lasagna (this was delish and gone in 2 days)

Sun. Jan. 3rd

Breakfast at home: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Lunch at home: Leftovers

Dinner at home: White Chicken Chili and White Rice


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