1000 Gifts

1000 Gifts

115 Spilling flour on the floor and playing in it

116 God granting me patience when said flour spilled on the flour

117 Homemade tomato sauce

118 Getting together to create with friends

119 Starting a new Bible Study

120 Beth Moore

121 Making new curtains for my bedroom

122 Actually getting to start and finish a project while the baby naps

123 Watching movies with my hubby

124 Making frothy milk for lattes in the microwave

125 A little bit of sunshine amidst all this rain

126 Trying to teach my son to jump

127 New books in the mail

128 Free samples in the Drugstore.com box

129 Homemade baby food

130 Heart-shaped wafflemakers

131 Dinner and a movie nights with friends

132 Blog friends who get to meet their new adopted babies – my dream, which will some day be my reality

133 Gorgeous sunrises

134 Getting up early on a Sunday and making breakfast before Church

135 Playdates

136 Watching my baby learn how to climb

137 God’s sustenance of energy when I am oh-so-tired during this 1st trimester

138 Scrapbook supplies

139 Handknit scarves

140 MOPS

141 Beet and goat cheese salad with walnuts

142 No-bake cookies

143 Friendly stray dogs at the park

144 Going down the slide with my son

What are you thankful for today?


One thought on “1000 Gifts

  1. Good for you to enjoy the spilled flour…I don’t know that I am there yet {grin}. Isn’t pregnancy tired a tired unto itself? Enjoy life!

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