14 months

Mommy brain is strong and your steps and experiences flee from my memory like a quickness.

These days you are doing and learning so many new things.

You are still sleeping so well.  Still at two naps a day, you run to the bottom of the stairs when I say “night night time.”  You sleep for 1.5 to 2 hours twice a day and are still sleeping from 7 PM to 7 AM every night.  Occasionally you wake for a nighttime bottle if it’s a growth week for you or if you’re teething badly.  Most mornings I wake up  to the sound of you talking and playing with yourself in the crib.  It’s so cute!

You are still not the best eater but have come far from a few months ago.  Yo prefer dry cereal, fruit and peanut butter toast for breakfast.  Occasionally pancakes or waffles dipped in syrup are good but you’re not a great breakfast eater.  You’re still quite picky about textures and new foods but have widened your tastes quite a bit.  Your recent favorites are Hamburger Helper (with extra veggies), chicken fingers, string cheese, purple grapes, strawberries, Yogos, graham crackers, peanut butter toast, Cheerios, Goldfish crackers, Teddy Grahams, chicken tenders, french fries and yogurt.  You also love taking “big boy bites” out of Mommy’s apples and pears.

You love to dance and have started doing some new moves.  You swing your arms and bop up and down and dance to Raggs, TV commercials, Sesame Street and any kind of music we have on.

Your favorite TV shows (the ones Mommy lets you watch) are Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, Bear in the Big Blue House, Blues Clues and Raggs and Veggie Tales.  You love to run around the living room, watching a minute or two of TV and then run into the kitchen, pop a snack in your mouth from your “Big Boy Table” and run back to watch another few minutes of TV.  It’s pretty funny.  You much prefer to eat on the run than in your high chair unless we’re all eating at the dinner table together.

You love reading stories and often bring a book over to your Dad or I to read to you, although you will only sit still for a page or two at a time.

You go to the nursery at Chapel twice a week.  You love playing with the other kiddos and really enjoy playing with Clara, a friend just a few months older than you.  We took you to a Mommy and Me Music Class in Rota last month which you loved.  You’ll get a chance to attend this class at least once a month and play with all of Ms. Amy’s instruments.  The drum and maracas are your favorite and you already have pretty good rhythm.

You are still babbling quite a bit.  “Mama, Dada” and “Baba” are still your main words but you now say “No” which sounds more like “Doh.”  You are also trying to say “I Love You” because we practice with you a lot.  Daddy also caught you on camera saying “Get Down,” after Mama told you to get off the fireplace step.  You love to talk when Daddy or I are on the phone and sometimes you get so animated and start yelling in excitement.

You listen pretty well when we tell you “No” and “Get Down.”  Sometimes when we come towards you to get something from you that you shouldn’t have you run away with a smile on your face but eventually give us what you have.  We are so happy you listen so well and hope it continues as you get older and braver.

Your morning routine is stillpretty much the same: you wake up babbling and playing in your crib most mornings around 7 or 7:30 AM.  We come downstairs where we sit and give you a bottle in front of Sesame Street.  After your bottle you like to eat breakfast cookies or cereal from your little table in the kitchen.  After about 2 hours you get your morning nap for 1.5 hours.

Your bedtime routine is one of our most favorite parts of the day.  You get your jammies and a diaper change and then Daddy holds you in his lap while I read you a story.  You love listening to the story and looking at all the pictures before bedtime.  After your bottle we do prayer, a group hug and kisses and then put you down in your crib.  It’s such a special time for us all to spend together to say goodnight.

You’re such a pleasant guy, amicable and easy to play with.  You smile constantly, when you’re not taking in all there is around you.  Occasionally you get whiny when Daddy and I are both home and we let you have your little temper tantrums, which don’t usually last long.  They usually only appear when we won’t give you something like the remote control.

Your favorite toys these days are musical instruments, and anything you can carry around with you.  Some of your toys have handles and you like to carry them around, like your Leap Frog Fridge Phonics machine.  It plays the ABC song and you like to carry it around like a boombox, continually pushing the music button.

You are still wearing mostly 12 month clothes and are still on the small side but are growing everyday.  A few things I put you in are 18 months but for the most part you are wearing the same size you were 2 -3 months ago.  You’re almost grown out of size 3 shoes and still squirm a bit when we put your clothes on.  You just don’t like sitting still long enough to get dressed.

You stayed away from us for the first time over Valentine’s Day with Steve and Brandy and did such a good job.  You love playing with their kids and love to spend time at their house.  Mommy knew you would be fine but missed you anyway.  You slept great, ate well and had a great 24 hours without your Mommy and Daddy.

There are so many more things that you have done but I cannot list them all here.  We love you Little Buddy.


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