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Summer Begins

Summer begins early here in Southern Spain.  Long days with orange sunsets lingering closer to midnight every week.

Long days full of sand, friends and long lunches under oversize umbrellas perched atop the lolling seashore.

Vista Hermosa is a stone’s throw from the Navy base where we do our grocery shopping and Dr. appts.  How much more enjoyable will those tasks be with a stop to dig our toes in the sand and enjoy some delicious thin crust pizza at Paloma Blanca on the boardwalk.

There’s something so magical and European about sitting on a balcony, surrounded by a foreign language, singing seagulls and the aroma of cafe con leche.

It’s easy to take architecture and culture for granted here in Europe because everything is so old.  Our children cannot begin to comprehend what we’re surrounded by here in Europe.  The juxtaposition of a replica of one of Columbus’ ship just feet from a modern Spanish cafe is often times taken for granted until we remind ourselves that we’re living in the birthplace of so much humanity.

Hoping some of this culture rubs off on my little one(s).


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