Happy 10 Months Hudson!

You cannot possibly be 10.5 months old already.  I have no idea where the past 5 months have gone since we arrived here in Belgium.  Between moving from Spain, living in a hotel, moving into our new house and settling into life in another country your babyhood hasn’t been properly documented and I’m sorry for that.  I wish I could go back and record what you were doing every month since we arrived here.  I will do my best to continue your updates from here on out since you are growing like a weed on a daily basis.

This month you are:

For the most part you sleep really well.  The past few weeks have been bad in regards to you teething or going through a growth spurt so you’ve been up once in the middle of the night or super early in the morning but you have a bottle and a diaper change and go right back to bed.  You still take two naps a day when we’re home in the mornings, which is only a few times a week.  You sleep for 1.5 to 2 hours twice a day and are still sleeping from 7 PM to 7 AM every night.

You are my awesome little eater.  Way better than Tripp was at this age.  You will try anything I put on your tray and love to feed yourself.  You don’t prefer baby food anymore but I can sometimes still manage to shove a few spoonfuls in while you’re playing with food on your tray.  For breakfast you love toast fingers or mini bagels with smashed banana or baby food fruit smeared on top.  For lunch you eat macaroni, grilled cheese fingers, leftovers, scrambled eggs or whatever else I set in front of you.  For dinner, you eat whatever we’re eating as a family and in true Taylor fashion you LOVE rice and Asian food.  Some of your favorite snacks are pretzel rods, Gerber cheese puffs, fruit, and halves of your brother’s goldfish.  You use a sippy cup very well, you even tip it up when you need to.  You now have 7 teeth and love to use them when you eat.  Mushy food no longer interests you, you love things with more substance.

You are on the go all the time and won’t sit for a storybook but I’m hoping you grow out of that and sit for stories and books.

You go to the nursery at Chapel twice a week.  You love playing with the other kiddos and usually do well when I leave you.  You love the ladies who work in the nursery and are usually exhausted when I pick you up from all the playing.

You babble quite a bit and say “mama” and “dada” all the time.  You make many other noises but no other discernible words.

You don’t listen very well when we tell you “No” and “Get Down.”  You seem very headstrong so far and we constantly have to remind you from going near the stairs.  Your curiosity gets the best of you and as time goes on you will learn to listen better.

Our morning routine varies a lot based on what we’re doing.  Our social calendar is much busier here in Belgium than it was in Spain so many mornings we are running to Women’s Group or Playdates.  If you wake up very early (before 5 or 6 AM) you get a bottle and then back to bed.  Some mornings you fall back to sleep and some mornings you roll around trying to fall back to sleep but to no avail.  Once you’re up for the morning we get you dressed, give you a bottle and then sit you down in your high chair for breakfast.  You are not interested in TV like your brother so even if it’s on (which I try to limit) you don’t really watch it.  You will stop your playing and look at it once in a while but you don’t sit for long spurts to watch.  On the mornings we do get to stay home you go down for a morning nap after being up for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Your bedtime routine is still the same and you are such an easy baby to put to bed.  You get your jammies, a diaper change and a bottle and then after a good night kiss you go down for bed.  Even when I try to cuddle you in the rocking chair you squirm to get free.  You just want to go to bed.

You are one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen and smile all day long.  Even when you’re tired, sick, fussy, or teething you smile all the time.  You do have a temper and get mad and scream a little from time to time but it’s usually only when you’re tired or hungry or want someone to hold you.  You are also a very independent baby who has never really needed to be held all the time.  You love just being in the same room, playing side by side to me or interacting with us when you want to.

Your favorite toys these days are whatever your brother is playing with.  You love to hit wooden spoons on bowls in the kitchen, to rearrange the magnets on the fridge, and you love the play store in the playroom.  You love exploring all the toy food and feeling all the different textures.  You still put everything in your mouth so we have to be very careful what we let Tripp play with when you’re around.

You are now in 12 month clothes but the pants are still too big.  You are on the average scale of height and head circumference but you’re on the small side of the weight scale just like your brother was.  I still have to roll many of your pants’ waistbands in order for them to fit properly.  You hate getting dressed and squirm all over the place when I try to put your clothes on.

You do great when we have a sitter or when I leave you at a friends house and you also go to the CDC a few times a month.  You cried for the 1st time when I left you just last week but were fine after a few minutes.

Most recently you are pulling yourself up on chairs, the couch, people’s legs, pretty much anything that will sit still longer than 3 seconds.  You crawl everywhere but just like your brother you don’t crawl traditionally.  You do your own version of the “worm” and everyone thinks it’s hilarious.  We thought you would eventually start crawling the traditional way but your worm is still going strong after about 3 months.  You are also pretty adept at climbing the stairs but because our stairs here are so dangerous with the open backs I tell you “no” every time I see you doing it.

You are such your own little person in so many ways and we love you so much.  We can’t wait to see how you develop and grow into the little man that you are.

We love you Hud-Bug!


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