Yesterday was my birthday.  Birthdays aren’t all they’re cracked up to be sometimes.  One year I lost my birthday altogether as we traveled back to Korea from Hawaii.  With the flights and the time changes we lost almost an entire day.  I cried.  On the plane from Honolulu back to Seoul.  How spoiled rotten am I?

But yesterday was a doozy.  Everyone woke up in a foul mood, at the crack of dawn no less.  Because on the weekdays you have to drag their cranky butts out of bed at 7:30 and on the weekends they come pouncing at you, full throttle, at 7:15. WHY-UH!

We had great plans, to travel into Brussels to cheer on my friends running the Brussels Color Run and then eat dinner somewhere yummy.  By the time we got our butts in gear and realized the logistics of traveling with three small kiddos on the train with only one parent able to lift them all it was too late.  Joe told me to find some friends and make it a girls day but that too sounded like more energy then I could have mustered yesterday.

So instead I opted to sulk.  The weight of the past 2 months gets to me when I’m least expecting it.  The appointments, the bandages, the drains, the lack of sleep, even the foobies are all too much to handle some days.  And the devil likes to pick fun, gorgeous, perfectly crisp autumn birthdays to use as his stomping ground.  Lucky for me.

But like any birthday I know another one is around the corner.  And while I haven’t wished a year to fly by like my 15th (that was a hard year for me) I hope I turn 35 in the blink of an eye.  I hope this neverending, noisy with doctors, chemo-ridden, bandaged year is gone in a flash.  And I am making plans for 35 like nobody’s business!


3 thoughts on “Thirty-Four

  1. Always thinking of you and praying for your beautiful family. Take everything in one day at a time. Love you and Miss you!

  2. I’ll be celebrating 40 next year, and we’ll still be here in Belgium, so you and I will have to go gangbusters for our milestone birthdays :). Thanks for your honesty, and your willingness to share. I totally agree about the kids on weekends too- unbelievable!! Praying for you friend 🙂

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