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New Year's Resolutions

So I am not making any real resolutions this year. Only a few minor, fun-filled ones that I know I can stick to. I hate the guilt associated with failed attempts to better oneself, it’s very tiring. So here goes:

1) Now that everything Joe and I own is in boxes or sold I would like to REMAIN clutterless. I use the term clutterless very loosely. My version of clutterlessness is not everyone’s version but baby steps, right?

2) I want to learn how to cook Korean food. Since I will be living in Korea in 2007 I think it is a perfect place to learn this new skill. I am very excited to go to the little Korean markets and learn about different local dishes. No dog though, I promise!

3) I want to craft more and make more things to enjoy, give as gifts and maybe even sell. I also want to document what I make so that is why I started this blog. One down, three to go…

4) I want to participate in a few groups (i.e. swaps, KALs, CALs, SALs, reading groups, blog groups, etc.) So here goes, my first one: Snap a Dozen Days, a photo blog started by Unwind

I am attempting my first January photo with a picture of some flowers.

Why flowers you ask, well they are meaningful to me because these flowers were from my friend Anna’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. I brought these home from the wedding and have since taken the roses out to dry them. I was never a tulip lover before but I have been walking past these admiring them for a few days now and they are so beautiful. So my first January picture is a picture of a newfound love for tulips which symbolizes my newfound love for crafting and all things beautiful.

These next two are pictures of some goodies I bought today.

Four magazines for my 15 hour flight to Seoul on Sunday. Wish me luck, in my carry-on I am armed with 8 magazines in all, 4 craft ones (seen here) and some trusty classics (Marie Claire, Lucky, Prevention and Travel & Leisure). I also have half a scarf to finish knitting, my MP3 player, some Korean language CDs and books, Sudoku and a bottle of Ambien. I should do just fine but as my fellow crafters with ADHD know sitting still for that long is very difficult.

I also bought some goodies ar Jo-Ann’s on sale. Some really soft yarn on clearance for $1.29/skein, some fusible interfacing (don’t know if I can find that so easy in Korea), some really cute batik style fabric which ended up costing me $0.50 – whooee… Some socks for sock monkeys, and a bag of ribbon scraps, I want to make Martha’s Seam Binding Lampshade


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