Kamsa Hamneeda!

It’s 10:38 PM on Monday, January 8, 2007 and we made it safe and sound to Osan, South Korea. We had a whirlwind weekend with lots of friends, family, laughter and tears.

3:30 AM Friday we headed out to New Jersey to take the cats to an 8:30 AM vet appt. at Fort Monmouth Army Base. We then spent the rest of the weekend in New York where we stayed with our good friends, Adam and Marie (thanks, guys).

1:00 PM Saturday, my parents had a wonderful going away party for us in Staten Island, at the South Shore Country Club. My parents were so sweet to invite all our relatives to a fantastic luncheon to see us off. Here are some pics of the party.

9:00 PM Saturday night we attended a surprise party for one of Marie and Adam’s friends, Joe in Long Beach, Long Island. We had a great time at dinner with lots of good wine, food and yummy birthday cupcakes wrapping up the night. It was a blast and the whole weekend was a great way to end our time in the states.


9:00 AM Sunday morning we headed out to JFK airport on our way to Seoul.

12:00 PM We boarded our Korean Airlines flight on the biggest plane I have ever seen. The legroom was pretty good and Joe and I had a whole row to ourselves, which was awesome. We had a very smooth 15-hour flight with pretty comfy seats and lots of movies on our individual TV sets. Korean Airlines’ flight attendants have the cutest outfits and they even served Bibimbop on the plane.

5:30 PM Korean time we landed and our cats and luggage were already off the plane. Incheon airport in Seoul is very organized and cool looking. The following is a picture of the outside of the airport, very futuristic. We also had to snap a picture of ourselves outside the airport. Forgive our appearance, that’s what 15 hours of travel will do to a person.


6:30 PM Two guys from Joe’s squadron here in Korea came to pick us up at the airport and drove us back to Osan where we took Loosey and Meo to the kennel on base. We then checked in to the Turumi Lodge, a hotel on Osan Air Force Base where Joe’s Captain came to meet us and see that we had everything we needed. This is a photo of our home for the next 20 or so days or until we find an apartment.

10:52 PM We are waiting for some pizza delivery since we are starving and then off to bed before a long day tomorrow of Joe’s in-processing errands and some tours of the area where we will be living for the next year.


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