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CNN Korea

Saturday – Joe and I headed downtown to do a bit of shopping. We stumbled across some awesome signs for your amusement.

First up, a little background info – from our kitchen window I can see a huge CNN sign in the distance. I often wondered why there was a large CNN affiliate in Songtan, South Korea. I figured it was because of Osan Air Force Base and was here to keep up with the ongoing military stories and such. I have often thought of going there and implying about a job, on the days when journalism sounds interesting to me. I even went so far as to look for information on this branch at CNN’s website. During our jaunt yesterday this is what I found

Don’t I feel like an idiot. Does CNN not care that this teeny tiny hotel in the middle of Songtan is blatantly using their logo to generate business?

A few streets away, Joe and I found this

Yes, apparently after church people meet for happy hour at a conveniently located bar next door called, Whisky Mania. This is a perfect snapshot of the oxymoronic culture we find here in Korea.

Joe and I met Kari and John for dinner last night. Kari is a girl I met at the spouse orientation and we decided to meet up for dinner and get to know each other a little more. We went to our favorite Bulgogi restaurant, creatively named Bulgogi House. It’s a cozy restaurant off the Shinjang-dong where the little old man who runs the restaurant treats you like his own grandchildren and you get great food and an amazing variety of kimchis for your money. After dinner we went to a little dive bar, Hideaway, for some drinks. After John and Kari went home we met some of Joe’s co-workers at Hideaway and decided to go shoot some darts around the corner at Xenis. On our way out of Hideaway we saw this sign

Do you think they meant Corn Removal? I truly hope so.

We’re finally unpacking the rest of our boxes today, after having been here a month, we figured it was time.


3 thoughts on “CNN Korea

  1. Yes, they probably meant “Corn Removal” but I do know a few people who would truly benefit from having their “Horns” removed. HEHE!! Good thing I can count the number of those people on one hand….keep the stories coming, they are hysterical. Love you, Mom

  2. LOL @ CNN Motel. See how the parking area is partialy covered, so you can’t see the cars? They probably also had nice little covers for the license plates too. Why? Cause that’s a LOVE MOTEL. 😉 Nobody wants their wife to drive by and see their car parked there, hence the discreetness.

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