Pizza Etang

This is the Pizza Etang takeout menu. Everyday when we arrive home from work there is a slew of takeout menus taped or magnetized to our apt. door. Some we keep, some we don’t. Pizza Etang was a keeper because some of their menu items were printed in English, always a plus. The phone conversation went like this:

Pizza Girl – said something indecipherable due to the noise in the background and the fact that she was speaking Korean.

Melanie – Pizza?

PG – Ne (Yes)

M – Yongo haseyo (do you speak English)?

PG – Ne (notice, she answers yes to speaking English, in Korean)

M – Hana (one) bulgogi pizza

PG – Ne, extra largeee (they pronounce the e on the end of words as a long e) or reg (regular)

M – Extra largeee please

PG – something else that I didn’t catch

M – Cho-nun han-googo mawt-ham-needa (I don’t speak Korean)

PG – Ne (laughing)

M – Chuso (address) Dong Bu Apart (they don’t say apartment here but just apart)

PG – Ne

M – Dong Bu 106-1102

PG – Ne, 106ah-1102, phoneee numba?

M – (I gave her my phone number)

PG – Ne, something else I couldn’t quite understand

M – Kamsa-hamneeda(Thank you)

Then we hung up, I’ll let you know what arrives…

** Update **

After waiting an hour and a half we realized that our pizza was probably not coming.  Not knowing how to call and ask about our order I decided to call Ally and have her call Pizza Etang to inquire in Korean.  When I gave her the phone number I called to place our order she laughed and told me I had called the Pizza Etang in Seoul.  She then proceeded to call for us and place our order, what a good friend.

The delivery driver knocked about 30 minutes later wearing full mo-ped gear and helmet.  $10 later we were eating our delicious bulgogi pizza with pickles on the side.  I must say pickles on pizza is better than it sounds.


3 thoughts on “Pizza Etang

  1. Hi Mel, I am really surprised that they didn’t deliver a pizza from Seoul. It would have been a long moped ride and the pizza would have been very cold, but the tip would have been worth it. How’s the weather? It’s been bitterly cold here for the last 2 weeks. Last Monday we woke up to a temperature of zero. I hope it’s a little warmer in Korea. Hugs, Dad

  2. Hi Mel! the pizza looks good and mouthwatering. Hope you’re enjoying the asian culture and traditions. 🙂
    “Happy V day” to both of you!!! we miss you guys alot!

  3. I tell everyone going to Korea to put the pickles on the pizza. It is so very good! I still do it now from time to time. Yummy. I miss the great food from Korea.

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