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Made For China

I finally finished the barrettes for Carol’s Made For China donations.  I love these and they were so worth the time it took to sew them all together.

I hope the little Chinese girls who receive them like them.  There are 38 barrettes and as you can tell I went heavy on the cute little strawberries.  I reinforced the thread with some clear lacquer so they’ll be extra durable.

I had a rough day, so the only cure was some baking and sewing.  Here are my WIPs:

Church Supper Spaghetti – a big yummy casserole for my hubby to eat at work this week, he’s working nights and who knows what he’d grab from the vending machine if I didn’t give him something better to eat.  I made mine with ground turkey, whole wheat spaghetti and reduced fat cheddar cheese.

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes (thanks for the recipe Kelli) for Joe’s co-workers, they have been so helpful and friendly to me since our arrival in Korea.

My tote for the Tote Exchange III, the Amy Butler Ultimate Arts & Crafts Tote.  This has got to be the most intense and involved Amy Butler pattern I have worked with, any pattern for that matter.  I cut out over 30 pieces and after 6 hours I am on step 6 of 15.  It better be “ultimate.”  I hope my secret (hehe) partner likes it.


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